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GISH 2022 is over, but the need continues. In honor of Misha's Birthday, we’re raising money for Nova Ukraine, an organization funding groups working to evacuate Ukrainians deported to Russia. Volunteers coordinate housing and transportation from the Russian border to final destinations in Europe. The volunteers work with each family to develop individualized travel plans.

SPN Family collectables


Donate directly to Nova Ukraine from 12 AM EST Saturday, 8/13 throughout 11:59 PM EST Saturday, 8/26. Select “refugee support and resettlement” to allocate these funds to their refugee efforts. Send a receipt of your donation to spnfamilygiving@gmail.com to enter the giveaway. 1 (one) raffle entry for every $5 donation (USD).

  • Castiel promo photo signed by Misha

  • 1 Supernatural S15 Culturefly Box

  • 1 Retired Eldwenne's Fantasy 'Team Free Will' Pendant

  • 1 Retired Eldwenne's Fantasy 'The Things We Left Behind' Pendant

  • 1 print of 'Castiel the Angel of Death' by LadyRandomBox

  • 12.09 "First Blood" Script signed by Adam Fergus, Sam Smith and David Hayden Jones

  • 14.05 "Nightmare Logic" Blue Production Draft Pages

  • 14.10 "Nihilism" Pink Production Draft Pages

  • Fanart stickers, keychains and postcard by Diminuel

  • Fanart TFW Caravan Journal by LateNightElan


Enter your bids between 12AM EST Thursday 8/18 and 11:59 PM EST Saturday 8/20.

  • Supernatural 15 Seasons: Crew Member's Souvenir Book by Jerry Wanek

  • Exclusive Custom Metallic Bust of Castiel by HRZone2

  • Signed Art Print of "Grunge Rainbows" OR print of winners choice by Jackie Dee Art

  • Art Print of "Celestial Being" painting by Scarlett Dixon

  • SFX Magazine Issue 194 signed by Misha (2010)

  • 15.09 The Trap Production Draft signed by Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and Rob Benedict


When we deliver our message about the latest SPN Family Giving fundraiser around Misha's birthday, we will include a personalized card featuring original art from a SPN Family member!
The card will be given to Misha during DenverCon on 09/17/2022. We've selected the theme "Where's Misha?" (Aka The Con Song.) Art submissions should include a 'Where’s Wally?' type image in a style of the artist's choice.
You can submit artwork by email. To maintain the 'surprise' factor, artwork submissions posted publicly before 9/18/2022 will be disqualified from entry. We'll pick our favourite to include in the printed card design we give to Misha. Winner will be offered a MOL Winchester Family Edition Bestiary.

  • Dimension of your artwork should be min

  • 1200x1800px

  • High quality

  • Digital format png or jpeg

  • Send your art to spnfamilygiving@gmail.com

  • Deadline : 8/20/2022

About us

SPN Family Giving is a newly minted fan run collective venture. Partners in SPN Family Giving include the Super Wiki, mods of the SPN Newsletter, AbordDeLimpala, and SPN Script Hunt.Our intent is to follow the lead Jared, Jensen, and the rest of the cast and crew of Supernatural have set through spreading positive energy via connecting our community by organizing fundraising events around notable SPN Family holidays.Our inaugural event was held the week of March 1st, 2022 in honor of Jensen's 44th birthday. Between direct donations and the proceeds from our online auction, we were able raise $1791.00 to benefit Thinkery, Austin.We followed this up with an event held in July, 2022 in honor of Jared Padalecki's 40th birthday. Direct donations, apparel merch sales and the proceeds from our online auction combined raised $2,180.00 going to benefit Attitudes In Reverse.


Stand with Ukraine

War is not the answer. You can help by donating to verified organizations providing urgent support to the people of Ukraine.

Thinkery Austin

Thinkery is where Austin’s children and families come to enjoy play-based, inquiry-rich, hands-on learning experiences. Through our interactive STEAM exhibits and programs, Thinkery encourages physical, emotional, and cognitive development for young learners and fosters joyful curiosity for all ages.


Attitudes In Reverse® or AIR® offers a comprehensive mental health plan to educate youth, from elementary level through college-age. AIR'®s programs are wrapped in messages of understanding, empathy and kindness towards all. At AIR®, they believe that good mental health programming makes the best anti-bullying and suicide prevention plans. Breaking down stigma allows AIR® to help identify youth who are at risk. Programs are also available for parents, teachers and all school staff. Certified AIR® Dogs, therapy dogs, accompany all program presenters.

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